It’s been a very busy four months (and that’s not just an excuse for not having written on here; it’s true!). But most recently, my time has been taken up with building a wall. Not just in the middle of nowhere (that would be too crazy, even for me!) but in order to give my oldest son an actual wall in his bedroom, rather than just a hodge podge array of things in some semblance of a room.

With the help of my fantastic parents, we measured, drew lines, measured again (just to be sure – measure twice, cut once), used a drop saw to cut and then nailed and glued to our heart’s content.  More nailing and gluing for the gyprock and then painting until, low and behold, the wall existed.

And it got me thinking that writing really is like building that damn wall!

Number 1 – it sounds so very easy when you write the process down, but really, it’s bloody hard work! And there’s times when I could have quite easily given up, and yet, I really enjoyed the process as well. Slightly sadistic tendencies, I think!!

Number 2 – Without good foundations and structure, the wall would well and truly suck. Just the same for a story.

Number 3 – you can do it on your own, but you’re probably going to need help. My Dad, knew all that we needed to do, the painting guy knew exactly the type of colour I wanted, and my great neighbour had the few extra supplies we needed. All of them were necessary to finish the wall. And with my writing, there have been so many invaluable people. Friends and family have encouraged, made suggestions, been pushy; fellow writers have given fantastic pointers; editors have given valued advice – all of them are needed to make the story the best that it could be.

And finally…

Number 4 – bog only works in so many situations. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and start again (especially if that chapter really sucks!!!)

Good writing (or reading!) and I promise to be more time conscious in the future,


Writing Vs building a wall

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