A whole weekend just thinking about writing and all its quirks and demands…what more could you want (well actually chocolate would be great too, and I won the choc and coffee raffle so it was even better!). I love Bundy writefest. This was my forth year of being able to access so many different ideas on writing – what other writers do, different avenues for publishing, book trailers, writers services and on it goes. And this weekend lived up to the expectations of the three years prior. With Kathryn Fox talking about her experiences with Pixar and their excellence in storytelling to Scott Baker offering up some awesome book trailers and then showing us how we could do them ourselves, it was fantastic. And then, I topped off a great weekend with a masterclass with Editor Jo Butler. So writing, chocolate and much merriment with great people…my muse has been found again! 🙂

Bundaberg Writefest!

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