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Aquila was my first novel to hit the shelves.

It’s a young adult paranormal romance that focuses on Grace Carr and her mysterious encounter with Nick Larcombe, the sexy and secretive hero who saved her from a fatal cliff fall.

Aquila (Random House) Check it out on AMAZON

True love can take you higher than you ever dreamed.
Eighteen-year-old Nick Larcombe is a self-confessed non-romantic. Until he lays eyes on Grace Carr, who has just moved to Bruny Island with her grandmother, Lillie.
Already bruised and battered by life, Grace isn’t looking for any sort of relationship, but when Nick, the mysterious boy next door, somehow rescues her from sure death at the bottom of a windswept cliff, Grace needs answers.
But how can Nick give her the answers she needs when he’s been sworn to secrecy, ordered to keep his true nature hidden from the girl he’s fallen hard for? And what will his community do when they discover he’s fallen in love with a human?
Intensely romantic, Aquila is a story of sacrifice and passion, and how true love can make you soar.




Aquila is set on the beautiful coastline of Bruny Island, off Tasmania. With sheer cliffs, blue lagoons and wildlife at your doorstep, it’s also the perfect place to view the southern Aurora.

Thanks to Ian Stewart for giving me permission to use his beautiful photo on my site!

         'The Neck' of Bruny Island           

2 thoughts on “Aquila

  • 13/01/2013 at 8:09 pm

    Bruny Island is such a beautiful place, and an excellent choice for the location of your story, Sue-Ellen. I’m so pleased that your have a publisher interested in your book and I’ll cross my fingers that I will soon see it on bookshelves.

    • 14/01/2013 at 9:32 am

      Thanks for all your support Sandy! 🙂


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