The End

I know I’m probably a bit behind the eight ball but I finally sat down to watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel the other day. And for someone who’s never really felt the draw to India, now I would love

Good reads

Time, I think, to talk about some of the great books that I’ve read recently. One of them in particular, a young adult book called How to get over Garrett Delany with Calm, Charm and Coffee Beans  by Abby McDonald


I’m currently thinking about a short story about dragons. What’s really interesting is that the picture I have in my head of the dragons in my story is nothing like the pictures that I can find on the web.I think

Teenage Brains!

Do they have one?  Most definitely! Do they always use it effectively? Not, not always, but then sometimes neither do adults, and at least teenagers have the excuse that their brain is still developing! I love the brain. I know